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♥ Jessica Style ♥

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This is a community about Jessica Simpsons style! Everyone is welcome to apply (even guys)!
This community will have themes contests, and discussions about Jessicas Style.

♥ Rules ♥

*Please Apply before you post.
*You must be atleast 15 to apply.
*Please place Apllication under LJ Cuts.
*Do Not Comment until you have been accepted.
*Please place promotions under LJ Cuts.
*Please do not abuse the ability to promote in this community...Promoting in here is a privilege, if it gets out of hand i will remove the member.
*Please keep this community on topic of Jessica Simpson's style not her personal life.
*Please keep it clean, any type of profanity and drama is out of the question!

♥ Application ♥

- Name:
- Age:
- Location:
- Fave Clothing Stores:
- Fav. Jessica Look (please post pic of her look if possible)
- Your current Fav. Trend:
- Promotion Link:
- 3 or more Current Pic:

♥ Promotional Links ♥

remove the *stars* before posting: